Type of Web Hosting || Best hosting for WordPress in 2020

Type of Web Hosting || Best hosting for WordPress in 2020

Hello, Reader. when you think where to host your website online. If you Confuse, Read the whole Article for hosting information.  

In this section, I will focus on those web hosting packages, which you need to know for your career in blogging. There are different types of WordPress Webhosting.

 like shared hosting, VPS hosting: Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, etc.

Shared hosting:  Buy Hosting

This is one of the most common and cheapest hosting package types.

 For any newbie Blogger, this is the most affordable package type as it starts from $4- $15/month depending upon which company you are opting for.

 A shared hosting package can further be classified into limited and unlimited hosting. In a shared hosting environment, your Website will be hosted along with many (10-200) other Websites. 

This means, all these Websites will have the same I.P and all of them will be sharing the resources of the same server. 

Shared servers are the most popular hosting choice for a newbie blogger or a new website that doesn’t need higher sources. 

If you are starting with a new WordPress site, shared hosting is the best place to start with, as they are cheap and offer great resources.

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VPS hosting: Virtual Private server:  Buy Hosting

VPS is similar to shared hosting where your website will be hosted with many other websites.

However, one major difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting is that your website will get dedicated resources.

A virtual private server bridges the gap between a dedicated server and a shared hosting server. Despite sharing the same server with other websites, your Website will have dedicated I.P ., dedicated computing resources, and any faulty Website will not affect your Website.

One of the most common myths about VPS is that moving to VPS Is always better than shared hosting,

but here is a tip: Common shared hosting package offered by web hosting companies like Bluehost or In Motion Hosting offers better resources than entry-level VPS package.

Dedicated hosting:  Buy Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you will be the only one hosting your website on a server.

 Dedicated servers are costly and recommended for high-traffic websites. There are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers, and depending upon your technical skills, you can pick either of them.

 You will require a dictated server after your website starts getting millions of hits or you are facing running memory issues with your WordPress blog.

Managed WordPress hosting: Buy Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a latecomer in hosting type but now one of the most popular hosting packages for WordPress blog. 

Some companies configure and optimize their server for hosting a WordPress blog.

This type of Webhosting is recommended for those who are running a business WordPress site or worry about their blog downtime. 

Managed WordPress hosting takes care of every inch of server optimization for hosting a WordPress blog/Website. 

Their technical team is trained to manage WordPress server sand the best part is the knowledge and out of WordPress blog.

The only problem with managed WordPress hosting is the pricing, as managed WordPress hosting is costlier than shared and VPS. 

The best part about Managed WordPress hosting is; you have to worry the least about your WordPress blog performance, security, and any technical glitch. 

If you are not tight in budget, I would suggest you opt for managed WordPress hosting.
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