What is Keyword Position and Prominence?

What is Keyword Position and Prominence?
What is Keyword Position and Prominence?

Friends, today’s topic is “what is Keyword Position and Prominence?” Where is the keyword in the post and how to use it? If you are SEO Content Writer or Blogger, then you should have knowledge about Keyword Position and Prominence.

Because both of these SEO factors help you to rank your Blog & Blog-post on Google Search Engine Result and is the most important part of Keyword Optimization Feature.

What is Keyword Prominence & Position?

Does keywords Position mean what is the position of a Particular Keyword rank on Google or any other search engine? And he ranks on where

Many tools are available on the Internet to do Keyword position analysis. But according to me, the best free tool is the Google Webmaster tool. From here, you can check the position of your blog.

Keyword Prominence or Placement, When you do an article writing, then any place where you add it is called Keywords Prominence.

From the point of view of Search Engine Optimization, it is very important to have the Keyword in the right place. If a keyword is not in the correct position.

So it has no value. Best Keywords Position Checker for All Search Engine: searchenginegenie.com

Rules of Keyword Prominence in SEO:

Whenever you write a new post, by following the rule of Prominence, it will give you a better response to the search result.

  • Use Focus Keyword in Post Title (1)
  • Use in permalink (1)
  • In the 1st paragraph of the post (1) & Topic Related Keyword (2-3)
  • Underline the keywords Bold, Italic and Hyperlinks.
  • Use (1) in Image Atl Tag.
  • The keyword use (1) in Meta Description.
  • Use the keyword in the heading.
  • (1) Related (2-3) in the Last Paragraph

Friends, keeping the Keyword Position and Prominence in mind, if you write a blog-post, then you will definitely see its result on the search result.

When you write a new post, you should have all the useful keywords related to that post in your mind and also there should be a unique main keyword.

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