How to install theme from wordpress dashboard?

How to install wordpress theme from wordpress dashboard

One major benefit of WordPress is that it is very easy to use. You do not need technical knowledge to learn WordPress. You will initially have to spend a few hours comfortably to understand WordPress dashboard and its tips and tricks. Here at Shoutmehindi we also share basic and advanced tutorials of WordPress to make your life easier on WordPress. If you are a new blogger and do not know anything about WordPress, then first you read the articles below:

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Today I am going to share a guide with you so that you can know how to install the WordPress theme from the WordPress dashboard. So let’s start this tutorial.

How to install a theme from the WordPress dashboard?

You can always search for the WordPress theme directly from the WordPress theme repo, or you can download the .zip file and then install it. I am a huge fan of premium WordPress themes, as they offer better features and functionality than the free theme and most free WordPress theme and premium theme club let you download the .zip file of the theme and you can install it. So to make things easy, I assume that you have downloaded the theme’s .zip file.

So once you have downloaded the WordPress theme, login to your WordPress dashboard. Click Appearance> Theme. Click on the install theme.

On the next page, click on upload and it will take you to the upload theme screen. Simply click on browse, and locate the .zip file of the WordPress theme you downloaded. Select and click on Install now. It will take a minute or two, depending on the size of your theme and your internet speed. Once this is done, it will show you the installed theme screen.

Before activating the theme, you can click on “Live Preview” so that you know what it looks like before activating it for everyone. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel it, you can click on Activate. Your newly installed theme will go live for the public. If you want to make some changes before live the theme on your site, you can use the Theme test drive WordPress plugin.

I hope this tutorial will help beginners, one step closer to WordPress.
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