Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page?

Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page
Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page

Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page

On I always talk about Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing and I keep getting questions related to these. The most asked question is,

“Can I use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page, does this violate AdSense policies?”

This is the most common question asked by newbie bloggers who have started monetizing their website with affiliate ads and on whose blog AdSense is also running? AdSense is a contextual ad network and does not allow any other ad network to provide an ad like it. Can you use AdSense and Affiliate Ads on the same web page

I cite an example of Amazon affiliate ads which is a popular affiliate program. You can replace it with eBay, hosting affiliate or any other affiliate program you can think of.

The answer is “Yes”, you can place Affiliate ads with AdSense ads on the same web page and it also does not violate AdSense policies. You can see a screenshot of the official AdSense help page here which clearly states: “We allow affiliate or limited-text links.”


In this link, to use any other ad network with AdSense you want to know. Or in clear terms, Affiliate ads have also been considered like other ad networks.


But before you start jostling happily and start putting lots of affiliate banner ads and links ads on your blog, here are some important things that you might want to know.

– If the number of ads or affiliate banner/links is more than the original content then it will put your AdSense account in danger. So keep the number of ads on your blog low and focus more on the value and quality of the website. I would suggest that you keep minimum ads on your blog and place them in such a way that it does not interfere with the user experience of your website.

– Do not associate your affiliate ads with any content that is not allowed in AdSense policy. Such as Adult content. AdSense treats any other ad (which is from another ad network or affiliate ads) as part of the content. And so it should also follow its content guidelines.

– When using affiliate links on your blog, make sure that they are to follow. It has nothing to do with AdSense, but using the Nofollow tag is a good practice from the point of view of SEO.

To sum it up:

You can use Affiliate ads with Google AdSense. However, before you jump into the world of affiliate marketing, I would suggest that you learn the art of trading and then implement ads. A good idea is to replace your low performing ad unit with the affiliate ad product associated with your niche. Once you start getting success as affiliate sales, you will start replacing more AdSense ad blocks with affiliate ads. you learn to promote the right product, then you will easily start earning at least 2-3 times the revenue generated from AdSense through affiliate marketing.

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